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Our winners have begun their transformational journey courtesy of Dream Makeover Essex giving four people a chance to win a unique life changing opportunity of a fabulous top-to-toe Dream Makeover worth up to £25,000 for each winner.

We had over 2000 email enquiries, and the 32 finalists were interviewed by cosmetic dentist Ash Parmar, skin specialist Frances Furlong and laser eye expert Mr Pillai.


Caroline Mckenna, aged 44, hails from Ireland’s County Neath and has lived in the Isle of Dogs for 20 years with husband Martin.  Caroline is a stay at home Mum for her children but admits to spending perhaps too much time at home and not making time for herself.  Being a DME winner has put a stop to that.  Now there is a buzz around the household and lots of procedures to have done and treatments to enjoy.

Although not suitable for laser treatment, Mr Pillai at AVC will insert miniature tailor made lenses into her eyes, known as Implantable Contact Lens.  This is permanent and inserted behind the human eye so is invisible.  This is a unique treatment which is done by very few centres in the UK.  So Caroline will be able to read for herself the price tags while out shopping and recipes on the backs of packets.

Caroline gave her smile just 3 out of 10 as she is unhappy with the shape of her teeth.  At Smile Design by Ash she will receive a Mini Makeover to include cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening and her old amalgam fillings changed to composites.


It was a toss up who was more excited when news came through that Loughton Dad Keith Welch was a DME winner.  Daughter Emily, aged 15, who entered him for the competition, or her Dad who was convinced he wouldn’t win - things like that never happen to him!

Keith, aged 54, claims he is not a shy man or unconfident but it’s been a challenging few years with death in the family, divorce, moving and being made redundant as a building site manager. He says “I think Emily felt a bit sorry for me.”  Emily’s comments about her Dad were compelling and together with the views of the judges, propelled him to the final four.

Keith had laser treatment on his eyes and is delighted not only with his new look, minus glasses, but also his eyesight.  “When reading became difficult I got myself a pair of those cheap glasses thinking they would be OK, but working on a building site they just made life more difficult.  I had never been to an optician let alone thought about corrective eye surgery.  It turns out I am long sighted in both eyes but, after laser treatment I am amazed how clear my vision is and I have achieved almost 100% in both eyes.  It was like magic and now I can even see myself in the mirror!”

Keith’s dental health was another issue with major problems to overcome.  One tooth had fallen out and others are threatened with problems, and although he has stopped smoking, the effects are lasting.  Several sessions with the hygienist, teeth whitening, and cosmetic contouring from Smile Design by Ash will fix the problems. To replace the two extracted front incisor teeth, Ash will create fixed porcelain bridges so that Keith does not have to wear a removable denture! Skin enhancement procedures from France Furling at Perfect Skin are working wonders on his wrinkles and lines and already he is feeling more confident about himself.


Eleasha, aged 25, lives in Chatham, Kent and is one of three sisters.  Living with her Mum and Mum’s partner and her younger sister, Eleasha found the competition through a Google search.  Her poor smile and dark teeth were the main reasons she Googled and when DME came up she went for it.  “I have always been very aware of my dark teeth and tend to hold my hand over my mouth.”

“I was stunned when I heard I was a winner.  It’s feels like I am in some sort of a dream!  When I heard the first thing I did was ring my Mum.  I am still emotional and overwhelmed that I was considered good enough material to be a winner.”

Eleasha has been wearing glasses and later contact lens since infant school.  Her vision was quite bad and without her glasses she couldn’t even see the very top letter on the optician’s chart. Eleasha is short sighted and the preferred procedure by Mr Pillai was wavefront intralase (blade-free) Lasik technique on both eyes. Eleasha is astonished by the improvement in her sight.  She now has 20-20 vision and has ditched her glasses forever! 

The poor smile that got her down and made her depressed is being replaced with subtle cosmetic contouring of the lower teeth, lasers to alter the gum heights of certain top teeth and a Smile Makeover with porcelain veneers.

Eleasha works as a housing support worker for three years helping people with mental health issues to manager their lives as independently as possible.  She is based in Gravesend and has great job satisfaction.  Her dream now is to take an Open University Degree in English Literature and get her qualification.

“My relationships have been challenging but with my new look, I think that will change too.  I can’t wait for everything as I know it will change my life.”

Skin enhancement procedures from Frances Furlong at Perfect Skin are working on their wrinkles, lines, scar tissue, acne and dry skin. 

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