Philips Oral Healthcare has a well-founded reputation for continued innovation and producing superior products designed for delivering premium oral healthcare for life. 

Philips has moved from its powerbase of tooth brushing into other areas of oral healthcare with AirFloss - an easy and hassle free alternative to flossing. Featuring pioneering micro-burst technology it allows the user to direct a small but powerful burst of air and water between the teeth and has been shown to remove more debris from between the teeth than brushing with a manual toothbrush alone.

DiamondClean marked a progression in the development of the highly successful Sonicare toothbrush range and takes sonic tooth brushing to its most sophisticated level yet.  Not only can DiamondClean be charged in a glass or via USB, it provides the most effective all round tooth cleaning, improving gum health in 2 weeks and whiter teeth in just one week!

Philips has also broadened its portfolio to include professional tooth whitening with their ZOOM brand of DayWhite and NiteWhite take home kits, so now you can whiten at home – your way!

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